Lyte FAQ

Under the Big Sky Music & Arts Festival 2022 is officially sold out. Thank you so much to the fans and community for your overwhelming support. We have partnered up with Lyte, a safe and secure ticketing exchange platform, and the ONLY place to purchase legitimate tickets to Under the Big Sky 2022. Please read below for more information about purchasing or selling your tickets to this year's event.

Lyte FAQ

Dynamic Pricing

Lyte utilizes a dynamic pricing system that is constantly taking into account factors such as supply, demand and prices on the secondary market in order to provide fans the best value option available at the time of their return or request. Undercutting secondary markets forces scalpers to reduce their prices, which brings prices on the Official Lyte Exchange down. When demand for tickets increases, so do ticket prices. 


Request FAQ

What is the waitlist?

The waitlist is a way to plan your experience without the pressure and time constraints of the onsale. You can request tickets and send out invitations to coordinate with your friends so no one misses out. Since there's no rush, feel free to take your time to modify or cancel your request before the waitlist closes.

We'll only charge you if we are able to fulfill your request! 

How does the waitlist work?

Joining the waitlist is easy!

  • Select your ticket type on the Under the Big Sky Music & Arts Festival Lyte Exchange Page
  • Invite your friends so that no one in your group misses out 
  • Modify or cancel your request anytime before we fulfill your request 
  • You'll hear from us once we've found your tickets and are ready to automatically charge your card, so you can sit back and relax!

I’ve joined the waitlist. What should I do next?

Once you've completed your request, you're all set. You'll hear from us once we've found your tickets and are ready to automatically charge your card. You can always invite more friends to your group and modify or cancel your request before we charge your card.

Why do I have to provide a credit card when making a request?

A credit card holds your place in line and allows us to fulfill the request for tickets as soon as they become available.

Please note:

  • You will not be charged if the request is canceled.
  • If Lyte can not find your tickets and the request is not completed you will not be charged.
  • Your information is secure. No credit card information is ever stored on Lyte’s servers. We use, one of the most secure and reputable payment processors.

How long will I be on the waitlist?

There is not an exact time frame of how long you will be on the waitlist. You'll hear from us once we've found your tickets and are ready to charge your card.

I didn’t get a ticket from the waitlist, what now?

If you did not receive the tickets you requested, you can always select tickets that are available or join the waitlist to receive tickets from fans who can no longer attend.

Can I make multiple requests?

Feel free to place another request for tickets at any time. Please note that making multiple requests will not increase your chances of getting a ticket.

When will my tickets be delivered?

Your passes will be delivered the week of Under The Big Sky Music & Arts Festival to the mobile number you provided.

How do I contact you?

For any questions or comments, send us an email at [email protected]. We have a dedicated customer support team that will answer all your questions! Please include your order number in your message to help us resolve the issue quickly.

Can I cancel my request before it’s fulfilled?

Yes. You can cancel your request at any time before it is fulfilled. Just follow the link to your request in the email we sent you, click “order details,” and cancel the request.

Can I cancel my request after it's fulfilled?

You will receive an email once your request is fulfilled and from there you will have 12 hours to cancel the request before your card is charged. Once your card is charged, the tickets are yours and you will not be able to cancel the order. If you no longer need the tickets, you may choose to return your tickets back to the Exchange.


Swaps FAQ

What’s a swap?

You can use Lyte’s swap feature to upgrade your tickets. If you have a General Admission ticket you can upgrade your tickets to VIP.

Can I use swaps to downgrade my tickets?

We are only offering swaps to upgrade tickets. You can always use Lyte’s return feature to return tickets that you don’t want and make a new request for other tickets.

How much do I pay to swap my tickets?

If we’re able to swap your tickets, you will only pay the difference in price.


Return FAQ

How do I return tickets?

Step 1. Go to the Official Lyte Exchange page for Under the Big Sky Music & Arts Festival

Step 2. Click ‘Return Tickets’ and log into Lyte with the email you used to purchase the tickets originally

Step 3. Select the tickets you wish to return

Step 4. View the offer, click 'Accept' to continue

Step 5. Enter your PayPal account information 

Step 6. Confirm your return information and click 'Finish' 

You are all set! You will receive your payment 1 business day after the event

Do I get paid even if my ticket does not sell?

Yes! If you receive an offer for your tickets from Lyte and you accept that offer, then you are guaranteed a payment whether or not we find a buyer for your tickets.

How close to the event can I return my ticket?

You can return your ticket at any time while the Exchange is open. Exchanges are typically open until 3 hours before doors open for the event.

What to do when my PayPal account status is 'Unregistered'?

Log in to your PayPal using the email you provided when making your return and enter all of the necessary information to register your account.

I don't have a PayPal account. Help!

At this time, we only accept payments through PayPal. You can sign up for a PayPal account Here.

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