Outriders Present is committed to the Whitefish community and is thrilled to roll out our green initiatives for Under the Big Sky Festival. Please read more about our efforts and how you can help us make the event—and our community—sustainable for years to come.

Recycling, Composting, & Material Recovery

Under the Big Sky wants to challenge conventional behavior around material waste. Through a partnership with Citizens for a Better Flathead and their WasteNot Project, our team will be collecting, sorting, and recovering materials for reuse, recycling, and organics composting. Do your part by depositing your waste correctly in one of our three-stream recovery stations, and use the QR code at each station to learn more about what is and is not recyclable locally:

  1. iPhone: Simply point your camera at the QR code
  2. Android: Download a free QR code app and follow the instructions

Additionally, each vendor and sponsor will be given a guide to decrease their waste impacts to align with local material recovery infrastructure.


There is a free water refill station located in the middle of the festival for you to stay hydrated in the summer heat. Please bring your own empty reusable bottle under 24 ounces and fill ‘er up!

In partnership with Open Water, there will be no plastic water bottles sold on site. If you leave your bottle at home, we will be selling water in reusable (and infinitely recyclable) aluminum bottles.

Water Resources

Water resources in Montana are under threat, and Under the Big Sky is supporting local watersheds to ensure healthy and sustainable ecosystems. We will be making a 200,000 gallon donation to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s (BEF) Prickly Pear Creek Flow Restoration Project near Helena, about 200 miles from Big Mountain Ranch. We hope to raise awareness about this critical resource and continue to find opportunities to grow this initiative!


Alternative transportation is strongly encouraged! Shuttles, ride shares (Uber/Lyft), carpool, and biking will all be available at the event:

  • We are offering shuttles running between the festival and Depot Park in Whitefish through the duration of the event. Uber and Lyft are also available in the area, as well as local transportation options, which can be found here.
  • You can find detailed parking instructions for all forms of transportation here. If you are driving, carpooling saves money and reduces our emissions!
  • We will have secure places to lock up your bicycle in both of our parking lots. The total trip from Whitefish is only 3.2 miles to the ranch, so roughly a 15-minute bike ride. Save money and work on those summer body goals!


As 2019 will be the first ever Under the Big Sky Festival, we will be tracking our carbon emissions to understand how we can further decrease our environmental impacts and support local clean energy efforts.

Attendee Engagement

Flathead County is a stunning corner of our country, and it is worth protecting. We are excited to learn how we can continue improving our event and how we can address local environmental resources. Come find our friends at Climate Smart Glacier Country, give them your thoughts on our sustainability efforts, and learn how you can continue supporting community efforts after our weekend together!